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Attention Amazon Customers!


Thanks very much to our GRG organizers, who’ve let us know that Amazon is advising 2 month backorders on large orders of GRG books (for example, a box of 27 books, a common order for starting a new GRG chapter). This is NOT SO. We have a print on demand (POD) printer and the order is shipped within 48 hours of receiving the order from Amazon. Delivery time is usually 7-12 days in the US & Canada, a bit longer in Europe (make sure to use the appropriate Amazon location).

If you have any problems, contact us directly using the form above. We’d be happy to put the order in for you, either through Amazon or directly with the printer.

FYI: It’s the way Amazon calculates delivery time for 1 copy, then multiples that by 27 copies, that’s causing the exaggerated estimates. The printer and Amazon are pointing fingers at one another, but we want to assure you that GRG books (and all of our print books) are quickly available, even if the retailer says they’re out of stock. That’s the beauty of POD.

Volunteers Needed: If anyone’s planning a larger order that you don’t need for 4 weeks or more, we’d really appreciate if you’d be a test case for ordering through Amazon. Amazon has said they’ll revise the box order times when there are more box orders, but we can’t advise our customers to order with Amazon (or any supplier) advertising a 2 month delay. If your order hasn’t shipped in 10 days, we’ll put in a backup order for you directly with the publisher and cancel the Amazon order. We’ll send you 3 free copies of our newest GRG ebook, Girls’ Respect Groups 2: No More Mean Girls! as a thank you for helping us streamline book ordering for all and for spreading the message of Girls’ Respect Groups!!

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