GRG Teen Leaders

What You Will Need:

  • 2 Female GRG Teen Leaders
  • 1 or 2 Adult Advisor(s) To The GRG Leaders
  • Girls’ Respect Groups: An Innovative Program To Empower Young Women & Build Self-Esteem!, Lorna Blumen, Anne Rucchetto & Natalie Evans (Camberley Press 2009) – 1 copy for each Teen Leader & Adult Advisor
  • Respect: A Girl’s Guide To Getting Respect & Dealing When Your Line Is Crossed,  Courtney Macavinta & Andrea Vanderplyum (Free Spirit Publishing, 2005) – 1 copy for each Teen Leader, Middle School Participant, & Adult Advisor

Looking For A Great Volunteer Opportunity? GRG wants you!! The heart & soul of Girls’ Respect Groups are our wonderful teen leaders. Your kind heart, life experience, & leadership skills can make a big difference to middle school girls. Sharing your experience with these preteens “What I wish I’d known in 6th grade”, you can really help them through those tough years of middle school frenemies. Preteen girls want so much to learn from you & be like you & you have so much valuable experience to share. You can do this job better than anyone else! How often do teens get offered a job because they’re the most qualified?

We’re looking for leadership-minded young women to run our Girls’ Respect Groups. Teen leadership brings something really special & unique to Girls’ Respect Groups. Teen leaders have a deep understanding & empathy because they’ve just lived through what the middle school girls are going through right now. It’s an exciting & inspiring opportunity for high school leaders to have an anchoring, supportive influence on middle school girls. For modeling & teaching girl power, self-respect, & equal treatment, it makes sense to have girls teaching girls.

Middle school girls are very open to the experience of having teen girls as their leaders, more so than with an adult leader. GRG connect these two groups of young women in a comfortable, supportive environment, backed by Adult Advisors. If you are considering becoming a GRG Leader, talk to your teacher, parent, or other adult advisor who can help you get started!

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