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Girls’ Respect Groups is an after-school program for Grade 6 girls, led by specially-trained high school girls. GRG puts middle school girls directly in touch with kind-hearted, empathic teen girls, the people they most look up to, want to listen to, & want to emulate. GRG creates a safe place where girls of all ages can work together to stop the vicious cycle of girls bullying girls. Working together, both sets of young women make choices rooted in self-confidence & self-respect. Girls’ Respect Groups is a wonderful way to build respect in our communities.

Best of all, GRG is by & for real teens. Our GRG program developers were teenage girls! These amazing young women also co-authored our book about the program, Girls’ Respect Groups: An Innovative Program To Empower Young Women & Build Self-Esteem! (Camberley Press, 2009). It’s a perfect example of how teens, given half a chance, can do outstanding things. As one of our teen leaders said, “It’s a chance for teens to turn heads for the right reasons!”

GRG Is A 6 Week After-School Program, Covering Key Issues For Preteen Girls:

  • What Respect Means to Me
  • Your Mind & Your Body
  • Your Media IQ
  • Family
  • Friends & Fighting For Your Rights At School
  • Romantic Relationships

Inside This Book You’ll Discover How To:

  • Set Up A GRG Leadership Training Program & Train Inspiring High School Girls
  • Set Up A GRG Middle School Program For Grade 6 Girls, Led By Your New GRG Teen Leaders
  • Use The Complete 6 Week Curriculum & Lesson Plans To Run The GRG Middle School Program
  • How To Pass On The Message Of Respect With Great Tips From Experienced GRG Leaders

Get Started Today Building Respectful Communities Of Girls Who Respect Boys Who Respect Girls!


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