International Women’s Day

FriendshipInternational Women’s Day is Friday, March 8th. International Women’s Day has been observed since 1909, with the first National Woman’s Day (NWD) held in the United States. What started as a grass roots movement to ensure women’s rights to work, vote, be trained, hold public office, and to end discrimination has grown into an international day to recognize and celebrate women across the world from Afghanistan to Zambia.

 How can you show your support for this important movement?

  • Lead By Example for the other girls and women in your lives. Be a real woman – strong, smart, capable, generous, balanced, funny, tender, and kind.
  • Support & Help Other Girls & Women. Ignore media messages that try to pit women against one another. Put an end to drama in girlfriend relationships. Be angry if you need to be, but resolve to work it through and release the grudge. Model healthy relationships for our teens and preteens.
  • Be A Mentor To Younger Girls. Support programs like Girls’ Respect Groups, that keep kids (boys and girls) grounded in respect for self and others. GRG’s specially-trained teen leaders lend a helping hand back to middle school girls, to guide them over the rough spots.
  • Be Generous Of Heart & Deed. Work to support the rights of all. Step in when you see that someone needs help.
  • Plan An Event Or Attend An Event That Celebrates The Achievements Of Women. Check out for an event near you. Or create an event, small or large, to celebrate the women in your own life.

Working Together, We Can Improve Our Own Lives & The Lives Of Others.

Wonderful Women Everywhere, We Salute You!

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