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The Weight of the World on Heavyset Kids

Originally posted on www.BullyingEpidemic.com When it comes to discrimination, we’ve usually got a name for it: racism, sexism, homophobia, hate crime. But there’s another form of discrimination so much a part of our society that we don’t see it for what it is. Researchers now have a name for it. Weight-Based Victimization: bullying kids (and …

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Choosing A Costume Wisely

I went to spin class Saturday. The spin instructor, a lovely young woman in her 20’s, was chatting about her Halloween costume choices. “I’m considering Honey Boo Boo. I always like something from pop culture. A couple of years ago, I went as Britney Spears, when she was so messed up”. I thought about this …

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Daring Girls Game Boosts Self Esteem

USA Today reported on a new video game that builds self-esteem in young girls. The game, targeted to girls 7-12 years old, encourages girls to run their own companies, explore new places, compete in sports, & build things. It’s based on the book, The Daring Book For Girls by Andrea J. Buchanan & Miriam Peskowitz. …

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