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Here at Girls’ Respect Groups, we were excited to find our name on the list of “30 Sites That Empower Young Women,” listed by FashionPlaytes. We are, of course, happy to have our work noticed – our program runs in the US, Canada, and over 80 countries worldwide, so word is spreading. Even more than that, we are so happy to be listed in the company of so many great organizations that are using the power of their voices, community and worldwide action, and money to support and empower girls and women of all ages to be their strongest and best selves.

If you’re reading this, you probably know a fair bit about our work at GRG, but you might not know about the other groups working to encourage healthy, capable girls and women. Here’s our chance to shine a light on a few of these wonderful organizations. Working together, big change happens!! Kudos to you all!!

Girl Talk


Girl Talk’s mentoring program puts high school girls face-to-face (and arm-in-arm) with middle school girls. The high school girls act as mentors,  guiding middle school girls through the rough spots of the teen years (Hey! That sounds a lot like our own Girls’ Respect Groups!! We love this!) Girl Talk has helped more than 40,000 girls through local programs in 43 states and 7 countries. Check out their site for resources, info about camps and programs, and materials for parents and educators.

Passion Foundation


Passion Foundation is a Canadian-based organization dedicated to helping girls and young women develop the skills to create personal success. Their Elements of SUCCESS Program helps girls and young women, 11-18, build self-confidence, self-esteem, communication skills, and critical thinking skills. Their Global Sorority Program extends that work further, taking the Elements of SUCCESS into a global arena. Their goal: to connect with girls in 12 countries in the next 2 years.

New Moon Girls


With their well-known and highly-esteemed magazine New Moon Girls, now online, girls 8-12 can contribute art, stories, poetry, and videos. Their features like “Ask A Girl” and “Shout Out!” give girls a place to get advice and support others.  New Moon Girls strikes a healthy, fresh, creative balance for girls taking their first steps to adulthood.

Girls with Dreams


Girls with Dreams encourages young girls to make the world a better place. Dedicated to fostering cooperation and support between girls, Girls With Dreams says “bye bye” to frenemies. Their website contains life and dating advice, tackling some tough issues on the way. It also has fun resources and activities for girls, created by girls, teens and women.



From their website:

EMpower is a resource network and organization supporting young girls (and boys) at risk, ages 10-24, in developing countries. Founded in 2000 by financial professionals from Emerging Markets (EM) who wanted to give back to the countries in which they conduct business. Education, health and well-being, livelihoods and leadership are the focus of Empower. EMpower makes grants to local organizations that have a proven record of successful service with young people.

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