Lyric Elliott – Bullying vs. Respect

Lyric Elliott is being repeatedly bullied by several other children. (Chris Doucette, QMI Agency)

For over a year, Lyric Elliot, 8, had been pushed around and beaten up by classmates. Unable to solve the problem despite contacting the school and school board over 100 times, Lyric’s mother finally removed her from the school and called the media to publicize the story. School Board Superintendant Kerry-Lynn Stadnyk feels that Lyric & her mother are exaggerating the situation, but she had not yet spoken to the family directly. How can we identify and act on these problems in the early stages? What are some of the obstacles? How is respect related to bullying? How do parents and schools work together more successfully on these issues? Can more emphasis and work on respect, for self and others, prevent these problems? What else might help? We want to hear from you!

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