Respect Stories

We are always excited when GRG members, teachers and parents share their respect stories with us.  Whether it’s about how you showed respect for others or yourself or how GRG has affected you or someone you know, we want to hear about it!  Here are a few of the great stories we have received:

“Girls’ Respect Groups is the best thing that ever happened to me” – GRG Teen Leader

“GRG tau
ght me so much about myself! I learned that it’s really important to know who you are, before you can help others. You need to gain confidence & self-respect before you can embody what respect means. Girls’ Respect Groups has forever changed me.”   –  Mackenzie, 16 yrs

“I can trust everyone in the group & not be embarrassed”
 – GRG Participant Grade 6

“Girls’ Respect Groups brought out the best in my daughter” – Mother of GRG Teen Leader

“I think this program is truly a winner”
 – Middle School Teacher

“In a world that’s trying to turn you into someone else, the best gift that you can get is being yourself. Girls’ Respect Groups was an eye opener, and allowed me to realize what can happen in the future.”   
– Georgia, 12 yrs

“Our 6th Grade girls loved this program”
 – Middle School Vice Principal


“We’ve found it easy to use the Girls’ Respect Groups materials to supplement our existing girls’ program. Girls’ Respect Groups has helped our middle school girls have respect for themselves and others. It has had an influence throughout the school. Our girls are learning how to advocate for themselves, by owning their  voice, having empathy, respect, and acceptance for all.” – Middle School Teacher

“My daughter’s involvement as a Leader in Girls’ Respect Groups has been a tremendous, enriching, life-altering experience for her, the benefits of which she will realize her whole life. I truly believe the program has an enormous positive impact on all who participate, leaders and attendees alike, with the potential for wonderful rippling effects that touch many.”
 – Parent of a GRG Leader

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