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Leadership Camps For Girls & Young Women

Who said leadership has to be studied in a classroom? These fun workshops and camps teach leadership in a hands-on way. Whether you’re looking for a summer activity close to home or far away, one of these programs may be just what you’re looking for. Many of them have year-round programs, too. Girl Scouts Camp …

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G(irls) 20 Summit

G(irls) 20 Summit - France

In October, 2011, the second-annual G(irls) 20 Summit to address women’s issues was held in Paris, France. The G(irls)20 Summit brings together one delegate from each G20 country, plus a representative from the chair country of the African Union. The delegates debate, discuss and design innovative ideas necessary to empower girls and women globally. While …

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Respect: Crucial Foundation for Girls (& Boys)

On July 5, 2011, Lorna Blumen will be presenting a workshop to the Toronto District School Board on girls’ respect. Respect drives all our important life decisions – how we approach school, work, friendships and romance. Girls’ self-respect is under attack from all sides today – mean girl frenemies, unattainable media images, disrespect from adults …

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