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Self-Respect: Crucial Life Skill For Kids, Teens & Adults – Part 1

Note: A shorter version of this article was posted on the TVOParents.org blog in Aug 2013 ******************************************************** Respect for self and others drives all our important life decisions – the friends we choose, the opportunities we reach out to (or hide from), how we recover from setbacks and disappointments, and as we get older, how we …

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Making the Grade With Back-To-School Clothing Choices

What to wear? What not to wear? Everyone wants to look their best, but how do you know what’s right for you?  It’s a common question for all of us, but especially tough heading back to school. It’s worth a think. Clothes certainly affect how others see you. In a world where clothing for young …

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Checking In On: Self-Respect

What is respect? What does it look like in action? How can I strengthen and support my sense of self-respect, especially through the teen years, a time when self-respect is often at an all-time low? How do I get respect from others, especially if I’m feeling kind of shaky about my own sense of respect? …

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The Princess Effect

As a little girl, I was never into the “princess” thing.  I never dressed up like a princess, I never dreamed of a white knight coming to rescue me and my favorite movies did not involve Cinderella, Snow White or Aurora.  So when I asked my brother what my niece wanted for her 2nd birthday, …

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What Your Hemline Says About You

“Judgement” a starkly eloquent photo taken by first year university student (Rosea Lake, Capilano University in Vancouver) has received worldwide attention recently. In the wake of several shocking and internationally condemned acts of violence against women, it makes us pause and reconsider the built-in biases we all have. In a perfect world, you shouldn’t be judged …

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