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Self-Respect: What is it? (Infographic)

What underlies bullying? The lack of respect for yourself and others.  When you are grounded in respect you are less likely to bully others to get or maintain friendships and won’t stand by while others are being bullied. How do we keep ourselves grounded in respect? First we need to know what self-respect looks like. …

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Teaching Self Respect Through Clothing Choices

Teens, parents, and schools often clash over standards for dress, both in school and out. Teaching self respect via appropriate clothing choices has always been a tough job for parents – every generation of kids pushes the envelope for dress and retailers have started to offer risky and sexualized clothing options for children. Elizabeth Hurley …

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Bullying & Respect: What’s the Connection?

Respect is a foundational issue, especially for teens, who are at a formative time for self-concept. We need to develop a healthy balance of respect for self and respect for others. And while our focus is on children and teens, much of this applies directly to adults too. How Are Bullying And Respect Related? The longer …

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Self-Respect For Children: What Is It?

These are the essentials of self-respect for kids (applies to adults too!): I have a realistic sense of my strengths and weaknesses. I accept myself the way I am right now, with imperfections. I’m entitled to be treated with respect, by myself and others, just because I’m a human being. I feel worthy of respect …

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Respect: Crucial Foundation for Girls (& Boys)

On July 5, 2011, Lorna Blumen will be presenting a workshop to the Toronto District School Board on girls’ respect. Respect drives all our important life decisions – how we approach school, work, friendships and romance. Girls’ self-respect is under attack from all sides today – mean girl frenemies, unattainable media images, disrespect from adults …

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