What Does Respect Mean To You?

re·spect (ri-spekt) n: a feeling of high regard, honour, or esteem. This month, were going back to respect basics. At GRG, were always interested in the news, looking at stories that make us think about what respect looks like in everyday life. Take a look at RealBeautyIs.com, a website developed by Lori Fields, a New …

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Lyric Elliott – Bullying vs. Respect

For over a year, Lyric Elliot, 8, had been pushed around and beaten up by classmates. Unable to solve the problem despite contacting the school and school board over 100 times, Lyric’s mother finally removed her from the school and called the media to publicize the story. School Board Superintendant Kerry-Lynn Stadnyk feels that Lyric …

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Daring Girls Game Boosts Self Esteem

USA Today reported on a new video game that builds self-esteem in young girls. The game, targeted to girls 7-12 years old, encourages girls to run their own companies, explore new places, compete in sports, & build things. It’s based on the book, The Daring Book For Girls by Andrea J. Buchanan & Miriam Peskowitz. …

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Girls Gone Viral: Online Fame From Shopping

Have you heard about haul videos? These videos show teen girls vlogging (ooh-ing & aah-ing) over their purchases (hauls) at local malls. The video highlights a new trend in marketing and advertising there are over 1,000,000 million hours of ads posted online as a result of haul videos. Girls are even getting paid sponsorships from …

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